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On Screen Advertising
Why Cinema


No other medium can rival the Impact of Cinema. Sitting in a Darkened auditorium, the audiences full attention remains on the big screen throughout.


Unlike television, no one can swap channels or escape for a Break during Cinema.

Localised Approach

Convenience to select the target market, Local regional or national depending upon the their needs.

Captive Audience

Independent research concludes that such a captive audience produces advertising recall that is up to five times greater than that elicited by television commercials.

Early Adopters

Cinemagoers are trendsetters and opinionformers, preferring to see films on the big screen rather than waiting months to watch them on video or television.

Involving Experience

Going to the cinema is a planned activity and nearly half the audience decides which film to see at least a week beforehand. Cinemagoers dedicate their own time and money to this experience, making it one of the most personal choices with regard to media consumption.

Party Composition

Cinema going is a shared experience, with the average group size being 3 or more people*. This generates a collective audience reaction, as cinemagoers respond in equal measure to the commercials features.

Leisure Time

Cinema going is an act of escapism, designed to provide pure enjoyment. As a result, the mood of conviviality and anticipation renders the cinemagoers far more open to the message of the commercials.

Rebirth of Indian Cinema

In past half decade, Indian cinema has experienced huge traffic again. Thanks to block busters & new culture Multiplexes , which added new meaning to Indian cinema.


cinema provides advertisers with a unique opportunity for exhibiting creative executions exclusively targeting 15 -18 audiences.